Thursday, July 9, 2009


I work for one company but I have two offices, so I report to 2 CEOs. Yesterday, one of my bosses announced to us that he has been promoted and will be leaving us sometime next month. I'm thrilled for him, it's an exciting opportunity and he'll be great in his new role, but I'm sad because we are losing a great leader.

There's always that anxiety over who will be next. Will the new person be calm and cool and bring good energy to the building or will they be hyper and easily agitated and set us into a panic?

We shall see...


Dan said...

this the hot one?

Berry Blog said...

I've known that with principals in school. With one i embarassed myself crying with the parting hug.He was really super supportive of my teaching values and my efforts. He's also one who never looks back, and we never heard from him again. We all loved him.
Amusing note...the janitors didn't love him because he worked as late as they did and they couldn't "hang out" after rushing through their duties.
May his replacement fit nicely into your dreams, goals, and MO

Joy said...

Good luck! Hope the new one works out well!