Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Morning at Starbucks

Got here around 8:30. Had a grande (aka medium) coffee and a low-fat apple bran muffin (it's free pastry day with an online coupon).

It was kind of crowded when I arrived. My usual chair was occupied. Not sure I would have sat in it anyway, as the seat next to it was and still is occupied by "CJ." Tiday she is looking somewhat subdued - peach capris, grey shirt with peach piping, hair down with sparkly pins in it, flat sandals. She's got the little table in front of her, and her laptop is on it. Today the display is sideways. As I was settling into my spot, she sneezed, I said "bless you," and she scrunched her face and blew me a kiss. We may be engaged, I'm not sure...

The usual commuters have been in and out. The couple I see just about every moorning is here. An older black couple, both somewhat overweight. The womandoes all the talking. She's very social, wears fantastic hats. Today's hat is a wide-brimmed straw hat with gold edging and a band around the top with colorful large "jewels" affixed to it, like a big, sparkly halo. They both sit, in silence and read the paper and work the puzzles. they seem perfectly content.

CJ is tapping away on her computer. She isn't really typing, she just smacks the same series of keys with her left hand while occasionally her right hand smacks the same spot on the keyboard. A man who was waiting for his coffee saw her "typing" and commented "wow, you're really quite a fast typist!" Her response, which I could not hear, involved some sort of vocalization as well as some sort of finger drumming against her face, along with a wink and a smile. The man leaned in to hear what she was saying, I'm still not sure he really knew what she said or if she said anything that was in a known language. He smiled and backed away, slowly.

One wonders were people are headed on Tuesday at 10 in the morning. Some woman, who vaguely resembles that insipid "mom" Kate with the 8 kids (sans Jon), just walked in. She's in a black cotton tank dress with a short jacket. She's lacking a proper foundation garment as her ample chest is quite jiggly. Srangely, she just got her cup of coffee from a short, balding man with glasses. He, along with two other woman and Ms. Jiggles just left, together. Maybe they're new recruits for his whore house, maybe they're on their way to the church to do God's work.

I wonder if CJ is blogging about me right now?


Joy said...

Great observations and descriptions! It felt as if I were right there with you!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I'll bet CJ's blog would be a real gem!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

BTW: what does CJ stand for?

Jimbo said...

"CJ" stands for "Crazy Jew." This is in no way meant to be insulting to the Jewish faith. CJ sometimes a yarmulke, leading me to believe that she is Jewish. Plus, she's kind of crazy, hence CJ. :)

Beth said...

oh I would read CJ's blog all right!!! and I love to go somewhere and just sit...and people watch. It's great isn't it? and your views of things are fantastic!!!