Thursday, July 9, 2009

Songs of Summertime

"Mad About You" - Belinda Carlisle

During the summer of 1986, I became "Mad About" Belinda.

The demise of The Go-Go's during the spring of 1985 was sad, but the career of the band's lead singer was about to skyrocket. Right away, she was signed as a solo artist, set up with producers and writers, and primped to be the new "it" girl.

Late May 1986 was the first time I heard "Mad About You" on the radio. I was hooked. Different than anything that the Go-Go's released. The song was decidedly pop, Belinda's vocals were soft and sweet. I couldn't wait to hear it again. Here was the voice of my favorite band doing something completely different.

About a month later, my family was taking a road trip to Gatlinburg, TN. We stopped in Louisville for the night. The hotel had a video channel. I turned it on and the next video played was "Mad About You." The Belinda that I knew so well was different. She was slim, her hair was longer and very blonde. She looked amazing. The video was fun...dancing on the beach, dancing with her husband (another change since the band disbanded), hanging out with her pal Charlotte (former bandmate).

I was 19 during the summer of '86. I was taking night classes so I could get ahead with school. I was working full time, and spending my free time just hanging out with my friends.

I remember buying tickets to see Robert Palmer in concert. I had heard that Belinda was on tour with him as his opening act. My sister Georgette and our friend May went to the show with me. Unfortunately Belinda had only committed to playing half of the shows, and my show was the second one she didn't perform. We still enjoyed the show.

To this day, it could be the coldest winter day if I hear "Mad About You," it puts me in a good mood and makes me feel warm all over.

"Something 'bout you, right here beside me, touches the touched part of me like I can't believe."

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