Monday, July 13, 2009

Bad Jim

My nickname is Proper, but Dan finds this humorous and calls me "Not So Proper" because he knows the truth. I'm mostly proper but there are times when I have some of those less than proper moments. Friday night was one of those nights. Without going into too much detail, I'll share.

I was having a perfectly delightful evening out with Dan. We had some drinks and some laughs. He stepped away to go observe a demonstration that was happening in the lower level bar. I remained upstairs, uninterested in seeing some guy have long needles stuck into his chest and back. Call me crazy. I was about finished for the night when a friend from the past emerged. A guy with whom I'd chatted on a number of occasions but had not seen for over a year had come out of hiding. We chatted a while, things got a bit flirtatious. He insisted upon buying me another drink. Then another drink. Eventually he said "let's get out of here."

We got back to his house and proceeded to have a bit of fun. We played Yahtzee in the kitchen then made our way to the bedroom where we played checkers and then started a game of backgammon. But, all of the alcohol caught up with me and before we could start a game of Twister, I called a time out. Long story short, we were a couple of naked drunk guys writhing around on a bed without a purpose. We fell asleep eventually. A little after 5, I woke up, we attempted again to resume our game of Twister but the room began to spin and the games were over. My friend made sure I got home, perhaps we'll meet again sometime soon. If not, we'll always have some laughs about our night of fun.


David Dust said...

Sounds like "Not So Proper" is about right!


Dan said...

Girl- have your readers come to me and I will tell the story!

XXOO - i love it when you live up to your nickname!

Joy said...

Fun and games was literal? I'm hoping Twister is a euphemism.

Jimbo said... is. ;)