Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ladies, Please!

File Under: Fashion Don't

I'm a gay man. I'm not the most stylish gay man but I can hold my own. I know what looks good on me, and I know to ask if I'm unsure about something. I also own a full-length mirror.

It's July in Chicago. It's hot, it's humid, I understand. I'm a bit jealous of the women who can wear these little skirts and dresses only because I think it would be nice to feel the breeze blow up my skirt. Heck, I enjoy feeling the occasional draft up my shorts. I guess guys have an advantage in that we can wear shorts without underwear and not have too much fear that our junk is going to be seen. Oh sure, some guys like having their junk on display (see Dan's blog for prime examples). Yes, some women like having their bits on display too (right, Britney Spears?).

Tonight I saw a prime example of a fashion DON'T. I was out doing laundry, I do my laundry in Lakeview (aka Boystown). Besides seeing all the cute boys coming home from work or going for their evening run (SHIRTLESS!), the women feel like they've got to step it up a bit to be noticed (or they're just puss-teases for the lezzies). Tonight, I saw a few women in their cute little summer dresses. Some did it just right - not too short, good footwear, good support on top (lift and separate those girls!). What I did see that disturbed me were two separate occurrances of the same faux pas. Women wearing their little swingy clingy dresses that moved great when they walked but clung enough to their asses that I could see their baggy granny panties bunched around their asses. LADIES - if you're going to work those cute little dresses, invest in some better fitting drawers! Please!!

Thank you.


Joy said...

Good post! I could make a list!

You could wear a kilt.

Jimbo said...

I'll leave the kilts to Dan. He's got the legs for them. I'm waiting for broom skirts to come back into style, otherwise I'll just stick with coulottes.