Saturday, July 5, 2008

Random Acts of Lunch

File Under: Wieners with friends

So this afternoon I was out and about wandering my neighborhood looking at the pretty sights (boys with shirts off and stuff) and my cell phone rings. It's Luis. He says "Where are you?" Thinking that perhaps they have spotted me I replied that I was walking on Clark street. He replied "turn around, bitch." Low and behold, Dan and Luis were standing about 5 feet from me, both had just gotten out of Dan's car. They were just out wandering around and decided to have some lunch at Huey's, a favorite hotdog/hamburger place in the neighborhood. I decided that sounded good so I walked over with them. Dan bought me lunch. :)

So the discussion came up, do you put ketchup on your hotdog or not? A true Chicago hotdog does not have ketchup on it. Sometimes I will sneak some on one but I generally do not. Do you put ketchup on your hotdog?

After lunch, I went and watched Dan buy shoes and Luis buy shirts. I had a 4 pm appointment for a manicure and pedicure so I bid them farewell.

My nails look very nice and my hands and feet are soft.


David Dust said...

If I buy a hot dog in NYC I eat it with ketchup only.

But my favorite hot dog comes from the Hamilton Restaurant in my hometown of Carlisle, PA. They are called "Hotchie Dogs" and come with chili, mustard, white American cheese, and TONS of diced onions. Yum.

Jimbo said...

I think Dan had chili on his. I like mine with mustard, relish, onions, tomato, and a pickle spear. Some places sprinkle celery salt on them. I usually don't get hot peppers, sometimes I'll ask for a couple just for a bit of zing.

Joy said...

No, never ketchup on a hot dog! I just like mustard and/or relish on mine. Chili dogs are good, too.

I'm weird. I just like mustard and pickles (and sometimes a tomato) on my hamburgers.

I'm allergic to raw onions, so those are out. I can eat cooked ones, though.

Beth said...

chili all the way baby!!!!

Dan said...

I had chili, cheese, relish, kettchup, mustard, hot peppers and celery salt. Bitch does no mess around with his dogs!