Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Weekend Full of Pride

File Under: Chicago Pride 2008

The last weekend in the month of June in Chicago is when we have our Gay Pride celebrations. Pride Fest is a street festival held in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood and it happens on Saturday, then on Sunday the big parade is held. I attended both and this is my recap of two fun days worth of events.

Saturday June 28 was a gorgeous day in Chicago. The weather was sunny and warm, with an occasional breeze. I arrived at the festival in time to see the first performer, Kimberly Locke, finish her set. I was surprised at how good she is. She engaged the crowd, was gracious and funny and sounded really good.

Afterwards I wandered a while, taking in the sights and some pizza. I made my way to the other end of the festival and saw the Chicago Spirit Brigade perform. They’re a cheerleading troupe who perform at various events around the city. They raise money for charitable organizations. Someone was dropped but I don’t believe they were injured.

The skies began to change a bit, clouds were forming and the wind was picking up. I wandered back to the first stage and saw Frenchie Davis perform. Some protestors gathered in the parking lot adjacent to the stage. She paused and decided to give them a piece of her mind. The crowd cheered!

A while later, local band Cat Fight took the stage. They were fun but their set was cut short due to RAIN. All of a sudden, the adjacent Whole Foods Market became overrun with wet homosexuals. Since it was the place to be, I went in too. I bought a cup of coffee and wandered the aisles. The storm ended quickly and I ventured back outside. I found my friend Anthony, he and I took pictures for a while. Dan found us and we wandered around for a while until it was time for another local band, Sixteen Candles. They are an 80’s cover band and they’re so much fun.

By the time the day was over, I had heard Martha Wash sing “It’s Raining Men,” saw Tiffany perform some songs I never heard, and watched Martha Wash take pictures with fans. Dan and I then walked home, and my evening ended. I decided to have an early night in anticipation of a busy Sunday.

Martha Wash!

Sunday began beautifully. It was sunny and warm. I met up with Dan and Denise and Ozzie…sitting outside of Dan and Luis’ Uptown residence. Their place was being shown so we had to wait outside. We passed the time just enjoying the weather, playing with the dog and chatting. Tina soon joined us, then Luis. Paul, the owner of Soggy Paws, a business in the building, came outside with his purple dog, Pickles. Mind you, Pickles isn’t always purple, she was just showing her pride. Please note, the product used to dye the dog purple is vegetable based and sold
specifically for pets. We all enjoyed the muffins I brought for us to eat before going to the parade, I just didn’t anticipate eating them while lounging on the sidewalk.

A purple dog, named Pickles!

Coffee Cake Muffins - Delicious!!

Finally we were able to get into the loft, grab our beverages and go. We found our spot and soon the parade began. Typical parade, politicians, great costumes, scantily clad men, dykes on bikes. Similar to the previous day, clouds rolled in and we were soon being rained upon. Some fled, some made the best of the situation and danced. Only then did we notice an exceptionally long pause in the parade, longer than the usual “drag queen broke a heel and we’re waiting for the glue to dry.” As it turned out, someone fell from a float and broke a bone in their foot. Just so happens that Dan and I know this person and we both decided that they should have just dragged her ass to the curb and kept going, or…just kept going. No big loss.

Assorted floats:

Random guy on rollerblades showing his butt.
Random fun with friends:

Luis and Tina
Denise and me
Luis and me

Random cute guys:

Random penis:

Various friends found me in the crowd. Patrick joined us for a bit until he and his crowd had to get Gillian home. Another friend, John found me and we enjoyed the festivities for a bit.

Vince and John


But alas, the weather, the disorganization and the alcohol got the best of us and we decided to call it a day. We packed our bags and Luis folded up his chair and we set off for our next destination, Crew. The five of us ventured north like 5 kids, jumping in puddles and splashing each other as yet another gentle round of rain fell upon us. Finally at our destination, we ordered every appetizer on the menu and we were soon surrounded by cheese sticks, French fries, mini-corn dogs, popcorn chicken and chips and salsa. Fed and feeling satisfied, we all went our separate ways. In all, it was a great day of celebration, rain or shine.
Coming in August - Market Days! Stay tuned.


David Dust said...

Well HELLO Random Penis!

You are all so adorable, it makes my teeth hurt!



Jimbo said...

:) Thanks!

Joy said...

Really enjoyed the commentaries with the photos. You really are adorable and so are Luis and Dan.

I must be a size queen since I start guessing length and circumference when I see a penis. No one joined in when I wondered about that big one on Dan's blog recently. Just saying. LOL

Joy said...

Those coffee cake muffins look delicious! Now I have to make some! I checked out some recipes that look good. How do you make yours?

Jimbo said...

Thanks for the kind comments, Joy. Sorry nobody played your "how big is it?" game. Most of the time I'm just too stunned to comment. Last weekend's Skin was definitely a big 'un!

Joy said...

So .... how big do you think it is? LOL (sorry, I'm such a smartass that I can't help being obnoxious - it runs in my family)

Thanks for the muffin recipe. I printed it and will make some soon but will put pecans in mine. Yes, ironic about Dan.

Dan said...

damn girl - all the pictures you have of me and thats the one you post! My drunk smile!