Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sometimes Technology Sucks!

File Under: Back to paper

Recently our corporate office upgraded our Kronos Time and Attendance software. The version has some great bells and whistles but it's beginning to show some compatibility issues with our time clocks. The clock at one of my locations was "timing out" (no pun intended) and it made it so people could not punch in or out. I called corporate I.S. to have a look at the configuration.

I got home from work a little after 4 and sorted laundry. At 5 I got a call from our staffing coordinator, informing me that the clock was not functioning at all. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and went over there (luckily it was at my office that's close to home), and tried the fixes that I'm familiar with (open it up, unplug it and plug it back in), then repeat. It didn't work. I called corporate I.S. again and was told "oh, the people who handle those issues have already gone home." Fuckers!

So they offered to page someone. I waited. Finally I got a call back and they said "oh, there's nothing we can do from here. Sorry." Yay. Fuckers!

The next few minutes were spent hanging a sign on the clock and instructing employees how to record their time, on paper. Of course, NOBODY will be late for work, in fact quite a few people will be early. Fuckers!

Tomorrow, my first stop will be at that office, even before I get my coffee. They'd better get it working or I'll be a royal munt, especially without coffee.

Makes me want to go back to the old fashioned time clock and time cards. Insert card, push, then remove. Time is recorded on the card. Done.

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