Wednesday, July 16, 2008


File Under: The Neighborhood

If you aren't busy on Saturday July 26 and are in the neighborhood, c'mon by!

Please just give me some advance notice so I'll have enough food. Then again, apparently it's being sponsored so who needs food when there's going to be margaritas! OLE!

(edited because I just realized this post was all out of order!)


Joy said...

Oh, I wish I could! That sounds like fun. My friend Tina and I might be in Chicago in the spring. If so, I'll let you and Dan know, so we can get together.

Beth said...

if I only could.... I would so be there!!! I bet you are fun to party with Jimbo!!

Jimbo said...

I'm fun, until I drop my pants and show everybody my ass. Then it's time to send me to bed.