Monday, April 13, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - Season 8, Week 6

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Tonight’s remaining celebrities will be dancing either a Jive or a Rhumba. Ooh look, there was Belinda! She just won’t go away, will she? Here is my summary, comments occured as I watched the performances.

Ty and Chelsie – Jive. Chelsie decides to train Ty with a trampoline and a hula hoop. He jumped over her to start but isn’t moving very much otherwise. Okay he’s moving now. Still looks a bit stiff and looks scared. Okay he’s got a bit off step. It wasn’t great, but not bad. Judges not thrilled. 18/30

Shawn and Mark – Rumba. Mark created a Prom for rehearsal. It’s sweet…kind of difficult watching her dance such a romantic number. She moves well but seems to have trouble getting into the character of the dance. Credit to Mark for choreographing a nice number that is innocent enough. Judged liked it. Mark called the dance “age appropriate.” 26/30

Lawrence and Edyta – Jive. Warren Sapp paid Lawrence a visit in rehearsal and livened things up. Kind a slow start but he’s good with the footwork! Okay, they were pretty good! I have to say that I appreciate how Edyta doesn’t let her partners rest at all, she makes them work. Carrie saw a lift. (I’m rolling my eyes) 22/30

Melissa and Tony – Rhumba. This is slow and sexy, the moves look very ballet-like but it’s pretty. Judges had minor critiques. 27/30

Lil’ Kim and Derek – Jive. HA-HA, “Jailhouse Rock” – an ode to Kim’s jail stint I’m sure. Wow, they’re all over the place, very in character. Fun and bouncy. So cute! She is all over the place, very high energy. Queen Latifah is in the audience. Bruno is thrilled! Carrianne is also thrilled. OMG…Kim apparently had a minor wardrobe malfunction . Ever the gentleman Tom whispered to her then blocked her while she adjusted her top. 28/30. Len only gave them an 8. LOVE HER!!!!!

Steve-O and Lacey – Rhumba. Kind of out of step but he’s really trying. He’s got a few good moves. Lacey is doing more of the dancing. Not great…not horrible. Carianne called it mesmerizing. Len saw no dancing. Bruno called the dancing BAD. 16/30.

Gilles and Cheryl – Jive. Wow, Gilles rehearsal pants really “highlight” his goods. Wow this is an energetic jive. Lots of quick footwork, good body moves. It’s a sexy jive. His wife is right there in the front row, she’s so pretty. Len spotted a misstep and called it frantic. 26/30

Chuck and Julianne – Rhumba. They’re both very sparkly. Chuck looks yummy. Ooh, nipple! (his, not hers) Nice hip action. Not seeing a lot of “dance” moves out of him, more of him chasing her. But the performance was sexy and Yum he looks good. Bruno’s happy, Carianne’s horny. Len is horrified (okay not really, I was just going for alliteration). Len called it too raunchy. Bring it on. 23/30

Looks like it may be down to Steve-O and Ty tomorrow night in the dance off unless Steve-O’s fan base saves him again, then it may be Ty and Lawrence fighting to stay.

Next week is the return of the group dance, it’s going to be a 60’s theme! YAY!!
Stay tuned…


Joy said...

Tonight made me miss Warren Sapp and others with personality. Except for Gilles and Lil' Kim, no one excites me very much. He does for obvious reasons and she for her dancing. I like Chuck and Julianne because they are so cute together, but he doesn't dance to well.

Did you notice how Queen Latifah was dressed? Tom is such a gentleman blocking Lil' Kim's wardrobe malfunction. I wonder what happened.

It's a matter of time for Steve-O, Lawrence, and Ty, with Chuck to follow soon after. Shawn started out well, and I thought Melissa would win, but I so hope Gilles does and think he just might!!!

Good recap!

Jimbo said...

I know! The first glimpse of Warren's smile and it made me miss last season.

I generally agree with you, the ones you like, I like too.

Yeah, what was with Queen Latifah's wardrobe tonight. Lumberjack chic? OOOh, and did you see Christian in the audience? Yumm-O!

I see the season going pretty much the way you called it. I'm seeing the final 3 as Gilles, Lil' Kim, and Melissa, since Belinda was outsted so quickly. LOL