Monday, April 20, 2009


File Under: Kind of unlike me

Thursday afternoon, I will board a plane, en route to Los Angeles. I can't wait, it's going to be a fun-filled weekend with some great friends I don't get to see all that often.

Normally I'd have my bag packed by now but this time I've just got a pile of clothes on a chair (Thanks, Dan!) and try as I might, willing them into the bag just isn't happening. I had hoped to pack this evening, allowing me a day to consider my choices and then repack once again. I can still do that if I pack tomorrow. There are a couple things I need to try on. Then I have to decide on shoes. Oh, the shoes.

I'm only going to be there 3 full days. I think that makes it more difficult, actually.

It'll get done.


Beth said...

YAY for a trip to see friends!! and I got you on the packing thing. I'm freaking out already on my trip to NYC and it's not until the end of May! But It's NYC!!!! Do you dress all in black?...will it be warm? you dress up? dress down?

and the shoes!!!! Oh the shoes!!!

Have a great time Jimbo!!!

Joy said...

I know!! That's been playing into my decision to go or not!