Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello From California

File Under: Vacation-a-Go-Go

Greetings from the OC! I'm staying with my friend Mark, who lives in Orange County, CA. I arrived Thursday night and immediately we went for drinks at Downtown DisneyIt was nice seeing Anaheim's version compared to the Orlando version I visited last August. This one's smaller but just as pretty. Plus, no hurricane here, so bonus points!

The weather on Friday was partly cloudy, temperatures began in the low 60's and warmed to about 70. It was warmer in Chicago. LOL

Yesterday we went to Los Angeles. We wandered arount The Grove for a while. It's a fancy shopping mall where on any given days you might see a celeb or two wandering. Yesterday, there was nobody. We wandered through The Farmers Market which was very cool. I loved seeing all of the little stands and cute shops. We stopped in a French Market for energy drinks. I bought a new pair of sunglasses, too.

We then went to The 3rd Street Dance Studio, hoping to see some of the DWTS stars. No such luck. The parking lot was empty. We stood outside for a few minuted, debating if we should go upstairs. Finally we did. There was a woman behind the desk at the top of the stairs, she asked if we needed help. I quickly noticed dance schedules on the wall and said "oh, I'm just looking at your class schedules." She asked if I was a beginner and I said "oh yes, just interested in seeing what classes you offer." She was very nice and pointed out a few. I don't think I made eye contact with her once. I just kept looking around. She was very nice though.

Afterwards we went to the Sunset Strip and wandered. We went into The Standard, a small, swanky mod hotel with a loungy-looking lobby and minimalist design. Fans of "Sex and the City" will know that this is the hotel that was featured in a couple episodea and it's where Carrie and the gals stayed when they went to LA. We had drinks and snacks by the pool. It was partly cloudy and cool so there weren't many people out there. Once finished, we wandered a bit more, then headed back to Anaheim where I got to experience their version of Friday rush hour traffic. Delightful! We made the best of it.

Last night we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant that is all Elvis themed. It's so cute, and the food was good. Afterwards we came home, mixed some drinks and watched the movie "Heathers."

This morning I'm up and ready to hit the gym with Mark. We want to be all buff and hot for The Go-Go's concert tonight. Well, more so than we already are. :)


tinasue said...

Hope you have a great time with your girls (the Go-Go's)! Enjoy the sunshine - we're having a blustery thunderstorm. Safe travels!

Dan said...

glad you are having fun

Beth said...

Jimbo, it sounds like you're having a really good time! and look at you, sneaking into laces and scoping it out for celebs!!!!

Ciel said...

Sex and the City Bloopers, for those who missed it!

Joy said...

I'm glad you're having a great time and hope you see some celebrities! I know you just can't wait for the concert!