Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doug's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

File Under: We all scream for ice cream

One of my very good friends is Doug. He lives in New York City. He's a professional musician, classically trained and he plays for orchestras all over the place. He's also a member of the Zephyros Winds. Very soon, he will be an ice cream man. No, not just any ordinary ice cream man, he's going to be behind the wheel of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck!

Doug has created a Facebook page for The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, and he has started a blog of the same name. Doug is a fantastic writer, please visit his blog and follow his adventures. I promise it will be FUN! Be sure to say hi and tell him that I sent you.


Big Gay Ice Cream Man said...

I'm so touched, I'm crying in my soup!


Joy said...

This should be interesting!