Monday, April 6, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Season 8, Week 5

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Still happy to see that Belinda Carlisle gets top billing on the show she’s no longer on. That makes me smile.

Okay, okay, I know it’s alphabetical order. Tonight’s dances are the Paso Doble and the Viennese Waltz.

Chuck and Julianne – Viennese Waltz: Looks good in his snug grey trousers. He looks looser but still unsure of his steps in a couple spots, but he’s smiling and looks like he’s having fun. Improved over last week, I think. Bruno and Len liked it but identified small flaws. Carianne was a bit more nitpicky and saw a questionable lift. 23/30

Lawrence and Edyta – Paso Doble: Lawrence looks stiff in his holds and somewhat jerky. Edyta of course looks lovely. He’s doing some intricate footwork but not much of a dance. So he flings her around here and there. Judges had some kind words but reviews were mixed. 20/30

Shawn and Mark – Viennese Waltz: Nice and light on her feet, good with her footwork, nice moves. Uh oh, I think there was a bit of a lift in that twirl. Hmm…definitely ended with a lift but that was their finish…does that count? First “lift” wasn’t one, per Carianne, second lift didn’t count. Len spotted technical flaw in footwork. Bruno was very pleased. 26/30

Melissa and Tony – Paso Doble: Very intense. Wow, they’re good. She’s really working the high kicks…yes we know you can do them. Okay I get it, it’s sort of a Latin dance meets Bollywood. Nice. Len spotted “blunders.” Bruno and Carianne were in sync with their criticisms. 25/30

David and Kim – Viennese Waltz: Wow, she’s got fans. He doesn’t keep his arms straight in the holds. Okay second time was better. Hmm, that was sloppy when he spun her on the floor. Meh, I didn’t like their routine. Bruno and Carianne didn’t love it, Len had nicer things to say. 22/30

Gilles and Cheryl – Paso Doble: Well look, he’s shirtless. He puts as much into his dances as his partner does. He’s got great moves and the little jumps. His timing is great. Okay I need a cigarette. Carianne and Bruno are standing, Bruno is doing pelvic thrusts. Carianne said it was the core and the essence of the dance. Len called it hectic. Bruno just came in his pants. 29/30

Steve-O and Lacey – Viennese Waltz: Oooh, a French theme, he’s pretending he’s a mime. He’s very stiff. He can do the moves and at times he’s not bad but wow he just lacks range of motion. Yay…midget in the crowd!! Len said it was his best dance. Bruno and Carianne were also complementary. 18/30

Ty and Chelsie - Paso Doble: Kind of stiff but he’s got the moves, he’s not bad, but not great. A bit lackluster but maybe that’s because I just saw Gilles. Bruno and Carianne saw the stiffness. Len just chalked this one up to “not being Ty’s cup of tea.” 21/30

Lil’ Kim and Derek – Viennese Waltz: She does a really nice job with these graceful dances. Nice footwork, good leg extensions. She doesn’t appear to be afraid to try more difficult moves. Pretty! She just makes me smile!! Carianne says that they complement each other. Len called it floaty and lyrical. Bruno says that she makes the dance look sassy. 26/30

Dance off tomorrow…probably Steve-O and David. Maybe Ty, but I hope he gets another chance. Results tomorrow…stay tuned.


Joy said...

I think we agreed on all of them. I realize Chuck isn't the best dancer and probably won't stay, but I just like him and Julianne together and want to see them several more weeks. Besides, there are several much worse than he is. I think Steve-O, David, and Lawrence will leave before he does. I hope Ty stays on a while, too. I think the last ones on will be Gilles, Melissa, Lil' Kim, and Shawn. I hope they win in that order.

Anonymous said...

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