Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LA Adventure - The Final Day

File Under: Beauty and the Beach

Sunday was my final day in California. Mark, Joel and I went to breakfast at a quaint little restaurant called Millie's, where I pigged out in a huge breakfast. This provided much needed energy for the next part of the day. Mark and I set off on a little road trip to Laguna Beach. This post is more of a photo essay with some commentary along the way.

Houses on mountains!

Gorgeous landscape with mountains as a backdrop.

As we went walking along the beach, we started to appreciate the sights. The ocean, the flowers, and the men at the beach.

The stud below is a papi I photographed for my friend and fellow blog buddy, David.

More scenery...

During our walk, we happened upon these handsome young surfer boys. I paused, noticing that they were about to change out of their wet clothes. Please enjoy this photo montage...

(paused the picture taking because one of them had turned in my direction and I didn't want to be obvious.)

So after all of the excitement of nearly naked boys under towels, Mark and I enjoyed some delicious gelato from Gelato Paradiso. Then it was back on the road. For the drive back, we took the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1). Stunning!
Back at the house, I discovered that my cell phone was gone! I remembered having it at breakfast, so we called Millie's to see if it was there. It was, someone turned it in. Luckily it was close to the house so I was reunited with my phone in minutes.
A celebratory dinner was in In-n-Out Burger! I love it so much!!

After dinner, we took one last walk through Downtown Disney, ending the weekend much the same way it started. Morbid curiosity dragged us into this store.
Where we saw these...
...and walked right out. SCARY!!
Back at the house, I packed my bag, went to bed and flew home the next morning.
A fantastic weekend. A big thanks to my very kind and generous hosts Mark and Joel.


Joy said...

Beautiful there! It's wonderful you took this trip and are having so much fun!

David Dust said...

Those surfer boys put on quite a show! It looks like you had a great trip.