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Dancing With the Stars - Season 8, Week 8

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The remaining contestants are doing an individual dance and then are being split into two teams to do competing group dances. "Team Tango" vs. "Team Mambo." The group score given for that dance will be added to their individual score, hence the XX/60 instead of 30. Now…on with the dance.

We find out right away that Melissa will not dance tonight, due to an injury she sustained earlier in the week. Of course they’ll tease us thru most of the dances before they’ll tell us how it will affect the competition.

Gilles and Cheryl – Lindy Hop – His timing is OFF. While he’s trying to do all these tricks and stunts, he’s not quite on, and he wasn’t in step with Cheryl for part of it. It was hectic. The judges seemed to love it. Hmm… 27+28=55/60

Lil’ Kim and Derek – Paso Doble – Nice and sharp. Expressive, sexy. Beautiful! Bruno announced “THE BITCH IS BACK!” Carianne loved it. Lil’ Kim kissed the judges. 28+28=56/60.

Chuck and Julianne – Cha-Cha – Ooh la la…Hips and twists and that sexy look on his face. Nice holds with his arms. He’s keeping step with her, that’s great to see. Really nice!! Bruno liked his “bum action.” Len and Bruno weren’t pleased with his arms. Silly me, what do I know… 26+25 = 51/60

Shawn and Mark – Samba – Her fringe is making it appear that she’s got the hip action but I’m not sure. She’s looked clunky in a couple spots. Nice routine, not much of a WOW but it was cute. Carianne loved it, the other two only liked it. (10 from Carianne) 27+25 = 52/60

Melissa and Tony were to dance a Jive this week. The rehearsals show lots of choreography. At one point she spins and has crippling pain. They go over to Cedars-Sinai which is right across the street, by the way and show a hairline fracture. The rehearsal shows their Jive, danced to “We Got The Beat (a Go-Go’s song!).” It’s graded on the last taped performance which was only done for marking so didn’t have all of the flourish. The judges note this and there’s not much to grade since it lacked bounce and arms. 21+25 = 46/60

Ty and Chelsie – Salsa – He’s been spray-tanned for this. He’s on fire, lots of energy and excitement. I do have to say that it looks like she’s doing a bit more dancing than he is but He was good! Carianne LOVED it, Len was complementary but then said “I think it’s your time to go,” Bruno was kind of in between the two with his commentary. 24+28=52/60

Team dance score gets added to their scores this week. Lacey Schwimmer will fill in for Melissa on Team Mambo.

First up is Team Mambo. Melissa (Lacey) and Tony, Chuck and Julianne, Shawn and Mark. Dancing to “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” Shawn just isn’t doing it for me. She looks stiff. In some regards she’s very precise with her licks and arms but It’s not a sexy Mambo from her. Chuck and Julianne are doing a nice job with it. OH MY GOD. The end was just silly, the guys ripped off their jumpsuits to reveal one piece outfits that mimic Beyonce’s video. Carianne found it odd, Bruno liked the guys (duh!). 25/30

Team Tango is Gilles and Cheryl, Ty and Chelsie, Lil’ Kim and Derek. Opening with Gilles and Ty shirtless, being seduced by Lil’ Kim to the Britney song “Womanizer.” Kim and Derek’s solo is HOT! Looked like a bit of tangled footwork but not bad. Ty looks frightened but very strong, some good moves. Gilles has such a powerful presence, he makes this dance very sexy and intense. The synchronized finish was beautifully done by all! YAY! Carianne and Bruno LOVED it, Len said that Gilles’ footwork was atrocious but Ty nailed it. 28/30.

Looks like it could be Melissa going home, if the results are based purely on judges scores. If the fans work in their favor, they'll be back and it could be Ty going home.
(okay, I faked that last paragraph because I hadn't finished writing my summary last night, yet those were my thoughts earlier today. I already know who went home.)

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