Monday, April 20, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - Week 7

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These are my notes taken as I watched tonight's show. It'll be interesting to see how my opinions compare to those of Joy.

Yay…you know who has top billing, again. ;)

Tonight’s show is the first week where the stars are responsible for learning 2 dances. The dance with their partner and then the (dreaded) group dance. Looks like they’re starting to catch up on the dances they haven’t done yet. Doesn’t look like it’s just two dances tonight.

Melissa and Tony: Argentine Tango – Seductive start, good leg action. There she goes again with the ballet moves. Is she a “maneater?” I’m not fully convinced. She looks like she’s too worried about the technical stuff. It was nice though. Len loved it. Bruno loved it. Carianne loved it. Meh…guess I was wrong. 29/30

Lawrence and Edyta: Waltz – Uh oh…a lift. It’s a nice dance. He did well, she of course looks fantastic. Steve-o and Woz are sitting together in the audience. Bruno picked at it. Carianne was impressed (guess the lift was OK), Len saw flaws but was pleased. 21/30

Lil’ Kim and Derek: Rhumba (or do you say Rumba? I looked it up, both are correct!) – Wow, girl’s got a bootie! Nice sharp movements and a cool spinny move. Looks like a bit of a balance issue at one point but she did it. Pretty! Carianne called it underwhelming. Len said to go with what you know, don’t hold back. Bruno said it was a good rhumba, but agreed it wasn’t sexy enough. 26/30

Chuck and Julianne: Samba – He looks like a red hot poker, she’s all fringed out. Ooh, la la! Caliente! Not quite Gilles hot but good. His pants fit him VERY well. Mmm… Technique isn’t fantastic, still looks stiff…in his movements. Thought after that dance he may be stiff other places. ;) Len said its his best dance. Bruno was watching the butt too. Carianne is giddy. 27/30

Ty and Chelsie: Waltz – Sweet but he still seems unsure of his footwork and he’s stiff. He’s sloppy in his spins. Seems to be walking her around. Aw but he sure is cute. Very sweet. Hmm…Bruno liked it a lot. Carianne was pleased. Len liked it too. Again, what do I know? 24/30

Shawn and Mark: Cha-Cha – Nice, good leg movement, nice little spins. Funky dance and considering they didn’t have a lot of rehearsal time, it was nicely done. Carianne LOVED it. Len said that it was all good, technique and bounce. Bruno was thrilled! 28/30 (10 from Bruno)

Gilles and Cheryl: Viennese Waltz – Precise but light and fluid. Still something sexy about it. Nicely done, but not a lot of WOW. Judges were all favorable, picked at tiny parts. 27/30

Time for the group dance. A 60’s themed number. Oh dear God. Funny…this is one number that Belinda would have done well with since she does a lot of those dances on stage when she’s in concert. Judging from this rehearsal footage, it’s going to be…um…interesting. Commercial, time to fast-forward. Oh dear, Lawrence is SO not into this. Lil’ Kim, Melissa and Chuck look great. Mmm…kinda lame.

Okay...I think it's Lawrence's turn to go home. We'll see tomorrow night. Stay tuned!

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Joy said...

I made a comment but did something wrong apparently because it's not here. I'm talented that way.

I see we agree again on almost all of this. It's definitely time for LT to go!

Love your recaps!