Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DWTS - Week 4 Results

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Wasn't home to watch the show but I reviewed the DVR. The bottom three were Holly Madison, Steve-O, and Steve Wozniack. Two couples went home tonight. There was no dance off.

The first couple announced was Holly and Dmitri. She seemed relieved but was so gracious and seemed like she enjoyed her time there. She had an annoying laugh, I won't miss it.

The second couple announced was Steve Woz and Karina. I was actually surprised that his fans didn't come through for him. It's no secret that I resented the fact that he won out to Belinda, I didn't feel that the worst dancer was sent home that week. Even if I wasn't a fan of hers, I would have felt bad seeing her go. But I digress. I'm glad he was there. He had fun. He brought fun to the show. I think he tried and took it seriously and wanted to do well. He just wasn't good. But, he's got a big following, many devoted fans.

Next week, the dances will be the Paso Doble and the Viennese Waltz. I love the Paso Doble, should be a good week.

Who's next to go? Probably Steve O.

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Joy said...

Oh, I can't wait to see Gilles dance the Paso Doble!!! I hope he does that one next week, but I love looking at him no matter what dance he performs!

I agree with you about Belinda. She was a better dancer than the ones who have been eliminated so far and should have gone after this group or after Steve-O.

I had to watch last night's show on the DVR and recap it and then watch the results show and write that recap tonight.

Enjoy your recaps!!!