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Dancing With the Stars - Season 8, Week 10

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Tonight, the semi-finals!

The remaing couples are:
Melissa and Tony
Gilles and Cheryl
Shawn and Mark
Ty and Chelsie

Tonight my DVR was my friend and recorded the program for me. YAY. Oh look, there's Belinda, top billing of course. :-)

Fast forward thru the pro dance stuff.

The four remaining couples will dance the Latin dance and the ballroom dance that they haven't danced. entire half hour before the first dance begins...

Melissa and Tony - Quickstep - I love the quickstep. Nice footwork. It's a pretty routine, remindes me of an old movie. Okay Melissa, we know you can kick good and high. You must have been a cheerleader. Oh yeah, you were. Wow...great finish! 10 from Len, 9 from the other two. 28

Gilles and Cheryl - Waltz - Aww...they brought Jonathan Roberts back to offer Gilles some pointers from a man's perspective. The word suave comes to mind. Nice long lines, smooth with the arms, his steps look clean. Bruno is standing to deliver his comments. Carrianne and Len are thrilled too. 30

Shawn and Mark - Argentine Tango - The flying sausage is trying to look sexy. She's got such an athletic body, it's difficult to watch her doing these sexy dances. Strangely, it's working. Her leg moves look great. This number is well choreographed. I always get uncomfortable when after she does something that sexy, they show her parents. Carianne said that she totally delivered the emotional content of the dance. Wow, Mark's wearing a lot of eyeliner. 30

Ty and Chelsie - Viennese Waltz - Ty takes Chelsie bullriding on a mechanical bull. It's cute watching him do the arm extensions because he still looks so stiff and awkward when he does them. Yet, he's so dashing to watch and he's charming. A couple gaffes here and there with his feet. Oh dear, when he spun her on one foot he looked so goofy. Len's always a gentleman with his comments. Bruno called it "chasing flys" and Len and Bruno are arguing. Carrianne called it a struggle. Wow...the judges nearly had a knock-down, drag-out. Tom handles them flawlessly and deserves all 10's! LOL 25 (a 9 from Len).

Now it's time for the visit home and interviews with people from their past. Fast forward...

Melissa and Tony - Cha-Cha-Cha - Some good moves I guess, but I don't like it. OH, there's the cheerleader kick again. Surprise. No boob slippage this week. Bruno said that she didn't sustain energy throughout the dance. Carianne agreed with Bruno, Len didn't feel it was up to her standards, said it was lackluster at parts. 27

Gilles and Cheryl - Salsa - Okay I watched Gilles' family story. I love him. Fast footwork and sexy moves, he's shaking those hips and that ass. Nicely done! Aw, his wife is so pretty. Carianne's dancing her approval. Len wishes he had an 11 paddle. Bruno said that Lil' Kim is hiding in Gilles' pants. LOL 30

Shawn and Mark - Jive - Cute start. She looks like Kitty Carry-all. Looked a bit out of step in a couple spots. It's making me dizzy. It's cute but distracting. I just heard Len say "put an 8 there." Judges picked at the performance. 26

Ty and Chelsie - Samba - He's not a latin dancer. He just seems to be a half-beat behind. Some of his work is really good but I think his nerves get the best of him and when he's standing still and just moving his feet, you notice it. Bleh...poor attempt at a Samba roll. Good butt jiggle though! Okay, he should not shimmy his chest. Ugh. Bruno picked a bit but was polite, Carianne was just kind with her words but didn't really comment on the dance. Len called him "Murray in a hurry." 23

So here's how they stand:

Melissa and Tony - 55/60
Gilles and Cheryl - 60/60
Shawn and Mark - 56/60
Ty and Chelsie - 48/60

It could be Ty's last dance, but the viewers saved him when in the bottom two with far superior Lil' Kim so it could be Shawn, or even Melissa. Stay tuned.

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Joy said...

Love your recap! I know! Even though it should be Ty, it could be any of those you mentioned. I agree with you about Shawn's Argentine tango.