Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Saturday

File Under: Colors of Spring
Saturday, I set out to the mall to buy my mom a Mother's day gift. Camera in hand, I decided to snap some pictures of the spring color that was in full view.
These first couple of pictures were taken in my neighborhood. Trees in bloom, the contrasts of the pinks and whites against the pale green was just too pretty to pass up.

Old Orchard is a mall in the suburbs of Chicago. It's an outdoor mall, not very practical for a region whose residents spend months at a time wrapped in layers upon layers of wool, and only leave the house when they must, but it manages to be a successful mall. They do a beautiful job of landscaping it.
The tulips were in full bloom. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I always go out to Old Orchard in the spring to see the tulips. I was not disappointed with this year's display.

Pretty, huh?


Joy said...

Beautiful!! Isn't spring lovely! (except for the pollen)

Jenny said...

I miss spring in Chicago! Thanks Jim.

Beth said...

oh jim!!!! those tulips!!! BEAUTIFUL! I do love some tulips!

great photos

Jimbo said...

The tulips were exceptional this year. Maybe it was because we had such a long, sucky winter. I'm with Joy, and with Dan, I suffer from allergies and the spring is often dreadful but like Dan said, I wouldn't have it any other way. I take Zyrtec, it helps.

Jenny understands springtime in Chicago. We're friends from high school so I know she's endured many of the same Chicago winters as I. Jenny...you need to blog more. :)