Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Times

File under: The return of Buddha

Notice the similarity?
My tummy is back. Realistically I've only gained 7 pounds since my low last December but one of the traits I gained from my father's side of the family is that we carry our weight right around the middle. Even at my thinnest I still have a tummy. Right now, its back to being a belly.
The good news is that this means I'm really happy. Food is a social thing for me. It's all about having a good meal with friends or going out for drinks after work. I can still do that, I just need to keep it in check and make wise choices.
So, it's back on the diet. I guess I got carried away with the snacks, assuming that I was active enough to absorb the extra calories. Apparently not. OR I could just go find another relationship causing me sleepless nights and loss of appetite. Naaah!!


Joy said...

Same here about where I gain weight. I wish it were just 7 pounds! But it's better to get it off early before you gain more.

You look great to me.

Beth said...

I see no resemblance at all, and if you call THAT a "belly" then I have ocean front property in Arizona I'd like to sell you!

DeDe said...

Yeah what Beth said.

Funny I have a picture of me and Christine in that same swanky chair from one year ago. Too funny!