Wednesday, May 20, 2009


File Under: I'm Free!

Dancing With the Stars is over for the season. Desperate Housewives ended last Sunday. Brothers and Sisters ended the week before. I don't watch AI. Tomorrow night is the season finale of Ugly Betty. I've got no more shows to watch and I'm HAPPY.

I love my shows, even more since I got the big TV. But it's summer and I like coming home from work and not thinking "oh, I've got to watch DWTS tonight before bed." If I want to go for an evening walk, I don't have to rush back. I don't have to worry about the DVR filling up because I didn't watch a show.

I'm free. It feels great.


David Dust said...

I sometimes feel the same way when I'm recapping a show ... especially if said show turns out to be a bit boring (yes, I'm looking at YOU, Make Me a Supermodel!).

Enjoy some down time...


Joy said...

I know what you mean. I feel as if I'm getting some of my time back.