Monday, May 4, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - Season 8, Week 9

File Under: DVR Malfunctions

My DVR did not record Dancing With the Stars tonight. I came home and have been able to watch the last couple of dances. I saw Lil' Kim's first dance while I was doing laundry but missed the remainder of the first round. I got home in time to see the last three dances of the second round.

I voted 10 times for Lil' Kim. She deserves to be in the finals. I'm thinking Ty will go home tomorrow. Mind you, I don't know anybody's scores. Just guessing

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Joy said...

Ty will go home. He's improved a lot but is still pretty stiff. Melissa had the highest score with Gilles and Shawn next, then Lil' Kim and Ty last, so your votes helped.

I'm sorry about your DVR problems. It's so disappointing to find out something you counted on didn't record. I accidentally deleted Desperate Housewives last night and didn't get to watch it. Thank goodness it wasn't Brothers & Sisters! I can figure it out well enough next week and carry on with DH but wish I hadn't done that.