Monday, May 18, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - Season 8, Week 11

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Tonight’s finals round includes a Paso Doble faceoff, plus the ever-popular freestyle. Both dances will be scored, total possible points for the night are 60. Let the competition begin.
Ahh…pretty as ever, there’s Belinda. :)

So tonight we’re seeing Gilles and Cheryl, Shawn and Mark, and Melissa and Tony. I see Melissa raided Edyta’s closet for tonight’s outfit. She’s in a bra and panties and a cape.

Oh my…Bruno in a banana hammock. I really didn’t need to see that.

First up, Shawn and Mark – coached by Bruno who told Shawn to bring more sharpness and aggression to the dance.

Next up, Melissa and Tony – coached by Carianne, who has told her to stop referring back to her cheerleader and ballet days.

Finally, Gilles and Cheryl - coached by Len. He danced with Gilles to show him how to sharpen his moves and work his “bum.”

It’s a group faceoff, so they’re all taking the floor so we can see their skills side by side by side.
Shawn looks good, a bit nervous but her footwork is nice. I’m not seeing the aggression though. Len said her chin dropped a few times. Bruno said she was strong. Carianne didn’t see emotion but said the dance was beautiful. 28 (10 from Bruno)

Melissa looked a bit off at the very start. Oh look a cheerleader kick. Nicely done though. Len noticed some minor errors but said it was nice. Bruno commented on her confidence. Carianne said it was great. 29 (9 from Len)

Gilles exudes confidence and power. Lots of power in his steps, good posture, nice arm moves. Len said it was not hectic like their last one, full-on and intense. Excellent. Bruno called him a leading man, self-assured and fabulous. Carianne said it met up to her expectations, flawless. 30

Time for the freestyle!

Ew…Shawn and Mark are starting it off in sparkly black jumpsuits with white sparkly masks. Creepy. Oh good they came off. I don’t quite get it, it’s supposed to be elements of dances from previous weeks as she said it would. It’s fun and wild but it’s a bunch of bouncing and spinning and gymnastics. Audience liked it though. Bruno liked it. Carianne liked it. Len pointed out the jive elements at the start, he lived it. Okay…guess I was wrong. LOL 30 (Bruno screamed “ELEVEN!”)

Melissa and Tony are up next. Oh grand…a hip hop number. Lame beginning. Quick footwork though. Hey, did you know she could do high kicks? I didn’t. Neat little trick where she went over Tony’s back then under his legs. A couple moves seem a little out of sync. Not fantastic. But I’m probably wrong. Carianne called the choreography disjointed. Len didn’t “get it.” He called out the cheerleader stuff. Bruno agreed with Carianne. Tony’s chest is really nice! 27 (I guess I wasn’t wrong)

Gilles and Cheryl…Gilles considers himself the underdog since he’s neither a gymnast or a dancer. Hey, it’s Flashdance! It’s sexy and fun, there’s dancing, and some pelvic thrusts. And lifts. They’re definitely in sync. Nailed it! YAY! Len said Gilles is a real dancer. Bruno said there should have been a bit more dancing. Carianne said she wanted more dancing too. Hmm… 28/30 (10 from Len)

The final tally is:

Shawn and Mark – 58/60
Melissa and Tony – 56/60
Gilles and Cheryl – 58/60

Tomorrow night is the 2-hour finale. ALL of the performers from this season will return to dance again. Yes, Belinda too. I believe she will reprise her Waltz. No handstand!!

My prediction is:

1st – Gilles
2nd – Shawn
3rd – Melissa



Joy said...

Good recap! Love the way you described all the dances and outfits! Well, you were almost right. :-(

Joy said...

Oh, and yes about Bruno! Gag!!