Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DWTS - The Finale

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The results are in.

3rd Place - Melissa Rycroft
2nd Place - Gilles Marini
1st Place - Shawn Johnson

A total shock, but I'm not terribly unhappy. I was over Melissa and pleased that she wound up in 3rd place.

Gilles was the better dancer, he should have won, he really should have but it came down to viewer votes and she had more. Good for her.

Leading up to it, all of the previous contestants came back to do their dances. Belinda did her Salsa and looked great. Very relaxed, definitely pleased that she wasn't doing it for a score. And no handstand this time.

During the Celebrity roast, Jeffrey Ross said that she looked like a galactic hooker. LOL

So, another season has ended. Back in the fall with another group of celebrities who may or may not be able to dance.

Stay tuned...


Joy said...

I am bummed. At least Melissa came in 3rd as you said. I'd rather Shawn won than Melissa for sure, but Gilles is the better dancer.

MCWolfe said...

I was SO rooting for Gilles. Great dancer, gorgeous guy and seems like a decent person. Agree completely about Melissa - her 15 minutes were up weeks ago.