Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dancing With the Stars - Results

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Bye bye, Cloris!

Cloris danced her last dance last night. Actually her last two dances...she was part of the group dance train wreck. Kudos to her, she's 82 years old and she got out there and did moves that I wouldn't even attempt and I'm half her age. I think she served as an inspiration to seniors, proving that you can be lively and you can kick up your heels and dance. Last night, Carianne had harsh words for her but she meant it to inspire Cloris to try harder.

Susan and Tony were the other couple in the bottom two. Here's hoping Susan does better next week. I don't think she'll make the top 3 but I enjoy watching her dance.


Joy said...

It was definitely time for Cloris to go. Her antics were wearing thin for me. Susan really tries and has a big fan base; however, I doubt she will be in the final three. Who do you think will be? Brooke, Warren, and either Lance or Cody?

Jimbo said...

I think it will be Brooke, Warren and Lance, Cody will be 4th.

My coworker Sonny and I recap every week. We keep a score card and review our results after each elimination. We're at odds over who will go next week. I think Maurice is next to go, Sonny says it is Susan. Hmmm...