Monday, October 13, 2008

Dancing With the Stars - Week 4

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Okay, I could have tried to be creative and come up with a title that was different than the one that my "Dancing" partner Joy used but I didn't so there.

Dances this week were the Samba and the Tango. Here are my notes:

Maurice and Cheryl – Samba…Maurice’s footwork was messy, otherwise good energy. The judges didn’t see progress this week so their score for this week was 20. 2-week score is 44/60

Cody and Julianne - Tango…some nice moves but Cody looks awkward. Nicely done though. Ooh, he ended up on top of her! Bruno loved it. So did Carianne and Len, too! Wow. T.W. = 23. 2w = 44/60.

Toni and Alec – Samba…They’re attempting a samba roll. And they did it…but leading up to it she looked so out of step. But we’ll see what the judges say about it. Carianne called it sensual. Yes…Len pointed out that she did miss a step and it threw her off. T.W. = 22. 2w = 44/60.

Cloris and Corky – Tango…a LOVELY tango. She did GREAT! She doesn’t have quite the “pop” that the younger ones have but for her age it was so nice! T.W. = 22. 2w = 38/60

Rocco and Karina – Samba…it was cute and fun. He looks good in black tight pants. Judges are disappointed. :( T.W. = 18. 2w = 38/60.

Susan and Tony – Tango…She looks great but seems without emotion. Hmm… Okay…Carianne loved it! Len loved it. Bruno did too. Shows what I know. LOL. T.W. = 24. 2w = 45.

Brooke and Derek – Samba…OH MY GOD! HOT! Jiggles and hips and legs and wow. Len was offended, Bruno needs a smoke. Carianne was very pleased. T.W. = 26. 2w = 54.

Lance and Lacey – Tango…a goth tango. Hmmm…Nicely done. His kicks aren’t as high as someof the others did. Okay, they looked good. Bruno was happy. Carianne loved it! Apparently so did Len. T.W. = 26. 2w = 48.

Warren and Kim – Samba…He oozes cool. He’s got the entertainment value and the footwork down. I think I may have a bit of a crush on him! LOL TOO CUTE!! Judges cited them for lack of content. Oh well. T.W = 22. 2w = 47.

Looks like Rocco will be going home. :(

Next week…hustle, jitterbug, west coast swing or salsa! 4 new dances for the competition! YAY! Should be fun, I absolutely LOVE the jitterbug!!!

Results tomorrow night. I'll say a prayer and light a candle for Rocco but I don't think it'll help.


Joy said...

I've let my "Dancing" partner down by not commenting on your recap! I'm feeling beter now and am back! Well, we know how it turned out, didn't we? :-(

Jimbo said...

I know. I wanted to hug him when we met on Saturday. I figured I wouldn't push my luck.