Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too Many Arms!

File Under: 2 in a bed

So it's been a while since I've had the occasion to have a sleepover with someone. I've gone home with guys but usually that involves some hot and heavy play, then I towel off, get dressed, and go home. It's been a good 4 years since I've spent the night in bed with someone. That dry spell ended Friday night.

Matthew suggested that we cook dinner together on Friday and then I would spend the night. I got to his place at about 5:30 and we got busy in the kitchen. Cooking. By 7:30 we had a delicious meal on the table. The evening progressed with us both looking at pictures. In this modern age it's easy to just throw your laptop in your bag and have all of your photography in one spot. I showed him trip pictures and pointed out the friends that he will eventually meet. He did the same. We had some drinks, listened to music and eventually it was time for bed.

No details about what went on, you can figure that out for yourself. One thing I will confess is that I was never instructed on the protocol of sharing a bed with someone. I love to snuggle, Matthew enjoys it too, so that was nice. To this day, what still alludes me is where to put my arms. One was draped over Matthew, the other was either over my head (where it fell asleep) beside me (which hurt after a while) or under either my pillow or under Matthew (again, causing it to fall asleep. At one point, I repositioned my arm and proceeded to elbow Matthew in the back of the head. He said "OW!" I said "I'm sorry." And then I realized that there were just too many arms.

During the post (no details provided) chat, Matthew said "so would you say we're dating now?" I replied "yup, I think we are." He said "okay, good."

I agree.

Eventually, I'll figure out where the arms go.


Beth said...

the arms go AROUND Matthew!!! JIMBO!!! I'm so stinkin happy for you!!!! this is fabulous! Now, lets see a pic of this dude so we can see if he's good enough for you..looks wise. He sounds fantastic, btw.

I'm so happy for you!

lots of love your way

Jimbo said...

Thanks, Beth!!

I'll post a picture of him eventually. I promise.

Joy said...

Me too! I am so happy for you! This sounds so good, and he seems like a nice guy who is worthy of you. You'll figure out the arms. :-)

Hugs!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Berry Blog said...

The arms, the arms, the arms. This is so funny- while touching at the same time.
Can you sleep at all? Or do you spend half the night worrying about moving and waking up the other?
I'm in love with your being in love.

Jimbo said...

Berry, it's funny that you asked about sleeping. I tend to not sleep very well the first couple of times I spend the night in someone else's bed. Between the noise from outside to the sounds coming from the person sleeping next to me, I find myself cat napping with a few episodes of deeper sleep. Over time that will change, I hope.

Dan said...

Jim and Mathew sitting in a tree,
K I S S I N G!