Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meeting Rocco Dispirito

File Under: Book Signing With The Stars!

I learned that on Saturday October 18, Rocco Dispirito would be doing a book signing at Borders Books on Michigan Avenue. On a whim, I decided to attend. I arrived at 12:40 to a crowd of about 15 people. I was worried. By the time he appeared, the crowd had grown and was still growing.

Rocco came out, and said "I guess everybody didn't have anything better to do. So welcome, and thanks. I appreciate it!"

The line moved slowly because Rocco chatted with each guest while signing their books. It was really nice to see him spend so much time with people. He seems to really get that he's a "star" because of the fans and he appreciates them. I've met other celebrities and sometimes I get the feeling that they take it all for granted.

Being that I'm a huge fan of "Dancing With The Stars," I knew that my time would be spent discussing the show. I got up to him, greeted him, and we did chat about DWTS. He said "oh, come on, I knew I was leaving. It would have been anarchy if Cloris had been sent home." I replied "not to mention she would have punched Samantha Harris!" He laughed and agreed. He said everybody was great, the experience was amazing and he really did learn some dance moves and would not have traded the experience for anything. Another bit of interaction that made me chuckle was, when I approached, he said "Hey, I really like your vest!"

Pictures were taken by Borders staff. He also had a pro photographer there either for his website or publishing...not sure. Anyway, I was the guest with whom they said "Hey, Rocco, please hold up the book so we can get some pictures of you with it." I stood there and was photographed for about a minute. The Borders person who had my camera smiled and snapped an extra picture of me with him. Unfortunately with all of the cameras snapping, neither of us knew which way to look so it kind of appears that Rocco is staring at my crotch. : )

Joy, as well as the rest of my readers, please enjoy these pictures. :)

After the signing, I walked around for a while and snapped some pictures of Michigan Avenue. These are a couple of my favorites.

The John Hancock Center, with Water Tower Place in the foreground.

The old Water Tower.

It was a lovely day!


David Dust said...

Rocco was TOTALLY checking out your package!!


Jimbo said...

Well, that particular pair of jeans has a way of creating an illusion, often leading to either disappointment or relief. ;-)

Joy said...

This is great! I'm so glad you went. He's so nice and classy that I'd expect him to act the way you described. You look so cute in those pictures! Thanks for posting (and for the attention). That's funny about the jeans.

Love it! xoxoxo

Joy said...

Do you know if Rocco will be back on TV with another show? Did he say when he talked about the book?

Beth said...

oh Jimbo! You crack me up! and he was TOTALLY checking you out!!!! Believe me on this one....

Jimbo said...

Joy, I think he's got a new show on A&E, it airs on Saturdays, I think. He posted a bulletin on his Facebook page. He added me as a friend (before Saturday's meeting, in fact!) so I get his updates now. Matter of fact, I'll check TiVo right now...
Okay, TiVo says that he has shows airing on A&E, Saturday afternoon at Noon (Central time). Yum!

Beth...I was wearing my "false advertisment" jeans. They make me look rather "happy." It's the jeans, not me, usually.

Joy said...

Thanks for finding that out. I'll watch him on that show. :-)