Monday, October 20, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 5

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Tonight's round of Dancing introduce 4 entirely new dances to the competition. The West Coast Swing, The Hustle, The Salsa, and The Jitterbug. I LOVE the Jitterbug!! So here we go...

Lance and Lacey – West Coast Swing: Nice…lots of body language and cool steps. This is Lacey’s best dance so she’s exuding lots of confidence. Uh oh…Lance fell. But he got up and kept going. Nicely done!!! The judges showed disappointment in the fact that Lacey seemed to dance around Lance and didn’t teach him enough steps. They see potential in him but want her to push him more. 21/30.

Toni and Alec – West Coast Swing: So far, Toni looks like she’s being careful…okay she’s being swung around now. Nicely done I guess…not crazy about the dance. Judges are picking it apart. 22/30.

Susan and Tony – Hustle: Okay, she’s dancing with 2 broken toes. She looks pretty. Nice dance, really looks like she’s being careful. Nice spins, little kicks. Lifts are allowed so they’ve done two of them. Len pointed out that Tony is treating Susan like she’s a delicate flower. 22/30

Warren and Kym – Hustle: Warren can really move for a big guy! In some regards though, his moves look clumsy because he’s a larger statured guy. He’s having fun though. This is a hustle!! Judges better love that one! Oh…Bruno with his euphemisms. 25/30

Cloris and Corky – Salsa: OH! MY! GOD! They were great! She really did a nice job. It was fun and she had some good moves. Good for her! Carianne said nothing about her dancing skills. Len enjoyed it! Cloris said that Corky told her to act like a “skanky ho.” 21/30

Maurice and Cheryl – Salsa: Very powerful, Cheryl looks great considering this isn’t her forte. Maurice is holding his own, too. The judges are very pleased with the performance. 27/30

Brooke and Derek – Jitterbug: CUTE! Lots of flips and shimmies and high leg kicks. Derek has never done this dance before so they were both learning it. Nicely done. Bruno called it glorious. Carianne can’t find any reason to nitpick. Len loved it. 29/30 (Len gave them a 9)

Cody and Julianne – Jitterbug: Nice…he looks a touch awkward, but is doing nicely. They did great. Like her brother, Julianne has never done a jitterbug so this was new for both of them. Carianne pointed out that his limbs are meant for this dance and she’s right, he’s tall and slim so his arms and legs move well for this dance. 28/30. (10 from Carianne, 9’s from Len and Bruno)

Wow…interesting week. The ones I thought would be great this week faltered a bit. I hate to think of someone like Lance or Susan going home but scores alone would mean they were the in trouble. Last week Cloris had the lowest scores and was in the bottom, tonight her scores from the judges had her at the bottom with Lance. Tomorrow we find out. Stay tuned…

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Joy said...

I liked having the new dances but never quite figured out the western swing. I can't get excited about any of them this season and have no real favorites I feel strongly about.

Good recap!