Thursday, October 23, 2008


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Tuesday was my split workday, I have days where I go from one facility to another. I stopped at home to use the bathroom because nothing beats the comfort of your own bathroom. Upon arriving home, I found my mom in bed, which is unusual. She said that she had a rash in her mouth and had some swelling which prevented her from wearing her dentures. This prevented her from eating. She blended her breakfast and planned on blending her lunch but was feeling pretty miserable. I found some things in the house that could be blended for a "meal." Lunch was going to be cottage cheese, milk and peanut butter. I went to Target and got her some Glucerna (basically a nutritionally balanced liquid meal, without sugar) and I brought home some cream soups that would puree nicely.

By Wednesday, she was feeling better. I got a call during the day and she sounded happy. "Guess what? I have teeth again!" is what she said. As I had dinner plans out that evening, she was excited to have a liver sausage sandwich.

As for me, I went over to Matthew's house to help him prepare for some home repair scheduled to take place in his apartment. Turns out that an outer wall leaked and caused the insulation between the wall to become saturated which has caused a wall to buckle. I got there, we got busy moving furniture and got a couple of doorways encased in plastic. Pizza arrived and luckily we were about finished so we ate and watched TV. We discussed our menu for Friday's dinner, and then he invited me to spend the night on Friday. :) We then said goodnight and I came home.

In other news, $150,000 for Palin's wardrobe, makeup and hair, huh? Seriously? Did you see that red leather jacket she wore the other day?

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Joy said...

You are such a good son! The evening sounds comfortable and good and hopeful!