Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Weekend

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Last weekend was one of those rare autumn weekend when the weather is like a summer day. I took full advantage of this. On Saturday, I went apple picking with my dear friend Vahona. She lives about an hour away, in Portage, Indiana. Close to her home is the County Line Orchard. We visited the orchard 2 years ago at this time and it was a completely different experience. It was cooler outside, kind of rainy, and the place was ours to wander at our leisure. Last Saturday the place was packed. Regardless, we had fun. Heck, Vahona and I would have fun in gridlock traffic.

I ended up with about 10 pounds of apples. I will probably bake cakes for work. Maybe I'll eat a couple as-is.

(photos of me courtesy of Vahona)

After our adventure in the Orchard, we wandered through the gift shop and then got out of there with our sanity barely in tact. It was so crowded, we even decided to avoid the bakery section, including the apple cinnamon donuts. Instead, we opted for gas station broasted chicken! YUM!

Sunday, I celebrated Polo's birthday with Dan, Denise, Luis and Tina. The six of us met for brunch at Deleece, a long-established restaurant in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago. I had never been there, it was quite a treat! The six of us had a delightful time. Afterwards, everybody went their separate way, except for Denise and I who did some shopping, both of us leaving the stores with Chirstmas gifts! Now the challenge is to remember that I bought them and where I put them. :)

If I were to score this weekend, I'd hold up the 10 paddle. :)

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Joy said...

Oh, I know what you mean about remembering about the gifts! Your day sounds like fun.