Monday, October 6, 2008

Dancing With the Stars - Week 3

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Apparently a lot of drama and heartbreak took place since the stars began learning their next dances. There were injuries, there were disagreements, and one star’s dancing days were over long before they should have been. This week’s dances were the Jive and the Viennese Waltz. In order, here are my notes as I watched the performances.

Susan and Tony – Jive. Lively and cute. She’s still not great on her feet but is executing some nice kicks. Looks like she’s being cautious. Apparently she’s twisted her ankle, she’s wearing a bandage. Wow she’s got big teeth! And wow, her boobs are out there, too! Judges were kind, had some pointers but they liked it. Score – 21/30

Lance and Lacey – Viennese Waltz. Traditional, very in character. They looked great. Nice posture and footwork. Carrie Ann LOVED it. Len and Bruno weren’t won over but they said nice things. 22/30

Maurice and Cheryl – Jive. Very busy, he seems a bit rushed but seems to have the steps down and the routine is cute. 24/30. Not sure I agree with that score but perhaps the judges are being generous tonight.

Rocco and Karina – Viennese Waltz. Sweet, but not great. He’s just not so great on his feet. I give him credit for trying. He sure looks good in his white pants. Bruno isn’t a fan, Len and Carianne liked it! 20/30.

Warren and Kim – Viennese Waltz – Very nice! He moves so nicely. His feet look good, seems to be keeping in step with her, light on his feet! 25/30

Cody and Julianne – Jive. Cute and energetic but it had a weird bridge and then it started over again. Seemed a bit awkward. Judges weren’t thrilled with it. 21/30

Toni and Alec – Viennese Waltz. She’s in a period dress and it looks like they’re going to do some sort of flip. Hmm…Uh oh, I think I saw a lift. Okay, no flip. Good. Carrianne loved it, Bruno and Len did not. Carianne didn’t see a lift. Toni looks pretty though. 22/30

Cloris and Corky – Jive. OH. MY. GOD! Wow. She tried…she did better than I ever could. 16/30

Brooke and Derek – Viennese Waltz. Ooh, tension. Aww…she kissed her daughter at the end of their number. Sweet. It was a great dance, I thought. She looks so pretty. Judges LOVED it. 28/30

Misty is out, she ruptured her Achilles tendon. In showing the rehearsal tape, the sound of it pop. Aww…I’m so sad for her and sad that I won’t get to see Maks on a weekly basis.

Who will go home? Well, as much as I adore Cloris, I think it would be a blessing for her to hang up her dancing shoes. You can’t beat the entertainment she brings but it’s becoming uncomfortable watching her attempt the moves. I get nervous that she’s going to get hurt. I have a feeling she’ll last one more week, it could be Rocco’s last dance. I’ll be sorry if he goes because I love looking at him. He’s a cutie.

Stay tuned…results tomorrow!


Joy said...

I'd like for Rocco to stay longer and believe it's time for Cloris to go on home.

Susan Lucci is so tiny except for her boobs! Yes, they are OUT THERE!

Beth said...

You know Brokke has got to win this, right? and ya, Erica's boobs are BANGIN!!!!