Monday, October 27, 2008

Dancing With The Stars - Week 6

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Welcome to week 6 of my Dancing With The Stars recap. Lots of medical issues this week and a guest judge.

1st shake-up of the week is the announcement of guest judge Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance). Seems odd to have a guest judge at this point, scoring the dancers when he hasn’t been a part of their competition up ‘til now. Then again, fresh eyes may be good.

Maurice and Cheryl – Viennese Waltz: He looks like he’s flat-footing it and some of his motions seem forced. She’s lovely as always. Boring. Judges were polite but no glowing reviews. 21/30
Lance and Lacey – Jive: YAY…lots of energy. Quick footwork, smiles, fun. Oh this is too cute. Nicely done. Will the judges like it? Yes, they liked it! 27/30

Susan and Tony – Mambo: Hmm…not a great start, her timing seems off. Oh good…it improved. She’s not bad, but she’s not great. I want her to be better. Carrianne loved it, Bruno not so much, Michael was very complementary. Susan can’t talk without shaking her head. 23/30

Brooke and Derek – Rumba: So elegant and pretty. She’s got amazing posture and flexibility. Even with a foot injury she did a remarkable job. At the end it looks like she just kind of stopped though. Michael LOVED it, Carrianne was not thrilled, but said it was a result of her injury. Bruno said the same thing. 26/30

Cloris and Corky – Cha-Cha-Cha: Oh dear, I’m scared. Okay, she really didn’t get to the steps until about 40 seconds in. Meh…she’s trying I guess but she just doesn’t have the energy to pull this dance off. The crowd loves it though and bless her for trying. She cracks me up. The judges were not thrilled. Carianne told her that she finds it sad that a great dancer like Toni Braxton had to go home and they’re stuck with her dancing. She was rough on her but it’s true, unfortunately. 15/30

Cody and Julianne – Samba: Julianne actually has endometriosis and after tonight’s show she’s having her appendix removed. So far though, she seems to be feeling fine. They’re doing a nice job. A couple of his steps look a bit off but overall it was great. Carianne loved it, Bruno didn’t like it, Michael was Sweden. 23/30

Warren and Kym – Rumba: Warren moves nicely for a larger statured guy. He impresses me. He seems a bit flat-footed to me tonight. But, together they are an adorable couple. Apparenly there were a couple mistakes that the judges caught. 25/30

The group dance is a hip-hop number. I’ve never been thrilled with the group dance. Cloris walks in to rehearsal with a HUGE boom box on her shoulder. The rehearsal clips were cute, let’s see how this unfolds. At least it’s unscored. Lance and Lacey are excellent, Warren is awesome and cracks me up. Brooke and Derek are doing nicely, even Susan is holding her own. Good for her! Cloris is up on stage with Corky, id of out of the way. Probably a good thing. Okay, it’s over. It could have been worse. That was cute.

Early prediction, I think it’s going to be Cloris going home this week, if not her, it’ll be Maurice. Results tomorrow.


Berry Blog said...

Thanks for this...somehow I forgot it this week. I'm still reading about torture though- the Inquisition.
I can't help thinking Cloris is good business somehow her continued success is suspect.
Why does she always wind up on the floor?


Organized Noise said...

Cloris is this year's Jerry Springer. She won't win, but we love her nonetheless. They need to put that hip-hop number on youtube asap.

Beth said...

cloris has got to go! sorry, I know she's like 300 yrs. old and stuff, but she needs to sit down now. and Warren Sapp! big Boy can MOVE!!! who woulda thunk it?! While I don't watch this show, I did see the clip of the hip hop routine...HILARIOUS!!!!

jennie said...

The hip-hop routine was the highlight of the show. It was like a bad car accident that you can't look away from!
I agree that Cloris is this year's Jerry Springer and she does her part of entertaining the audience. I don't think there is a dry eye from laughing so hard. She does put a lot of effort into it!
haha who would have thought that she would be the only one not to be hurt thus far into the show!

Joy said...

Good point, Jennie, about Cloris not getting hurt. Corky had a hard job but choreographed what she could do, I guess.