Friday, January 9, 2009

All's Quiet

File Under: Checking In

Sorry I haven't blogged this week. All is well, just haven't had much to report.

I'm thinking about starting a Picture of the Day post, I just have to take my camera with me each day and take a picture of something, and then remember to post it. We'll see how well I do with that. :)

How are you doing? How's your January going so far?


Berry Blog said...

It's okay..we'll wait for ya. There are those times. I have enormous respect for the guys who post faithfully everyday, but it can't be expected of everyone. You're "A" still stands in my class. Just have your mother keep sending those checks.
Candid shots are great but really really hard to find. I wish you luck. I guess it is more about what you turn them into. Dontcha think?

Joy said...

I like that picture a day idea. I'd like to see what you see. Missed you but know how it is!

Beth said...

I'm okayyyyyy

I was thinking of a picture a day too! Just something from where I live, or something from my day.

I would love it if you did this....give us more insight into Jimbo!!