Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Blizzard...yet

File Under: Weather

The weather word of the day yesterday was "blizzard."

We were supposed to get some snow last night. We did, about an inch or two, depending upon where in the city or surrounding areas you live. It was supposed to be dry and powdery because it was supposed to be much colder than it actually got. Then the winds were supposed to kick in and gust at 35 - 40 mph and blow around all the snow that fell, creating low visibility. That part didn't happen, yet. Now they're telling us that may happen tonight and tomorrow.

In honor of this weather, I wore my winter snowman underwear today. They're dark grey and have drawings of snowmen and snowflakes all over them. Yes, that is a winter wonderland in my pants.

Yes, this post was pointless.


Beth said...

I wish I had a wonter wonderland goin on in MY pants!!!

Berry Blog said...

I'm trying to imagine that winter underwear...where the hell did you find something like that? Definitely not a wasted post...funny

Jimbo said...

It came from The Gap. I also have some light blue briefs with skulls on them. Mostly though I have striped ones, in lots of groovy colors.

Maybe I'll start an "Underwear of the Day" post.

So what color are you all wearing?

Joy said...

That's funny! My answers won't be that interesting, but yours definitely are!