Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Confession Time

File Under: Emotional conflict

Yesterday was a really happy day for so many of us. Inauguration day, a new president, a fresh start. It was all very exciting to watch everything unfold. Last night as I was watching our Preident and First Lady attend all the parties, I started to feel a bit sad.

I got to thinking back to November 4, election night. It was a date night with Matthew and he cooked dinner for us and we drank wine and watched the results. It was a really happy night for a number of reasons, the biggest reason was Obama's win. It was a really good night. The Inauguration and all of the pagentry surrounding it just had me reminiscing about some of the happy times, and I found myself missing him.

Then Cher walked in, stared me down, slapped me, then slapped me again and said "Snap out of it." Well, not exactly, but I managed to remind myself of some of the less pleasant times that followed and the mood passed.

So there you have it.


Beth said...

It's nice to know that Cher is there when you really need her.

Joy said...

Yes, it is. And she slapped you silly! Then you came to your senses. :-)

Marker said...

What Beth and Joy said.

There's no timetable for these things. One day you will think of what's-his-name and just be all "eh" about it. It would be nice if it's sooner rather than later, but it may be later rather than sooner. Either way - when it happens, it happens. You can't force it.

If you fell for him, you fell for him. There's no shame in that - we've all been there. Keep finding and listening to the music that's the appropriate soundtrack for this point in your life and let it run its course.

Jimbo said...

It was just one of those events that connected back to another. I think that's the last of them. The way I file things in my mind, hence the "file under" headers to my posts, I tend to connect things. I can't think of any upcoming events that will connect to the past.

Plus...there's been some distractions lately. That's always nice. :)

BrokenDoll said...

Cher was really there, you are just trying to be difficult! lol

Sis h

Jimbo said...

Holy Crap! My baby twin sister has found me. I've missed you so, H! Have you heard from MOM? Me either. She buddying up with Alexis again. I liked it better when they hated each other.

Welcome to my blog! I should dig out the old "Chastity's Bitch" interview and share it.