Wednesday, January 14, 2009


File Under: Things received at work

This morning when I showed up at Lakeshore, there was an email from our AA at Central telling me that I have received a bouquet of flowers. She put them in my office. She said "how does this happen? I never receive flowers!"

More later, when I know who they are from.

**Update - 12:35 pm**

The flowers were sent by the nurse at Lakeshore who hit my car on Monday. We had a minor meeting of the vehicles in the parking lot as we were leaving work. She backed into me. She literally left one scuff, about an inch long, on my right-front bumper. It will buff out if I even cared. She felt horrible about it when it happened and even the next day she came in to ask if she should call her insurance company. I told her it wasn't necessary. So, she sent flowers. They're GORGEOUS. I'll post a picture later.

I had a hunch they were from her, but you never know.

**Update - 4:50 pm**

Here's a picture of the arrangement:


Beth said...

dang, that never happens to me!!!

Jimbo said...

It only happened to me because someone ran into my car and I chose not to make an issue of it. :)

Berry Blog said...

still...kind of a renewal in faith in people isn't it? there are some decent people out there-charlie

Joy said...

That was nice of her. The flowers are pretty.

Beth said...

AWESOME!!! So dramatic!

BrokenDoll said...

Gorgeous flowers and a nice little story to go with them. What a great surprise to get flowers unexpectedly and in return for an act of kindness.