Thursday, January 15, 2009


File under: The beard

This is after 3 weeks. It's been trimmed a couple times so I'm pleased with the shape of it. My hair is long and needs to be cut, badly. I'm about 2 weeks overdue for a fresh buzz.

Today my boss stopped to chat and said "I really like the beard. It looks good. Maybe I'm biased because I have one too." We talked about the decisions involved with shaping it, how far up the neck to shave, etc.

The itching has stopped, I'm not costantly scratching my face. Sometimes I'm still surprised when I touch my face and feel it. I think I'll keep it for a while.

What do you think?


Joy said...

You're a lumberjack, and that's OK! Everybody sing!

Jimbo said...

LOL!!! YAY for the Monty Python reference!

David Dust said...

I think it looks GREAT.


Joy said...

LOVE Monty Python and was hoping you do too and caught the reference. Yay!!

Berry Blog said...

" I drink all night and I work all day...."
( but I can never help following it up with "Killed him a bar when he was only three")

Oh the beard...well I like it. Not for me though..too much upkeep. Wears well on you however.

Bob said...

Years ago, in those long ago younger days, I had long hair and a beard and was going through a protracted hippie phase.
I was standing in line at the grocery store when a woman and her little boy came up behind me. The kid took one look at me, then turned to his Mommy, and said, "He looks just like Jesus."

If you only knew, son, if you only knew.

Beth said...

LOVE IT!!!!! while I don't like a FULL beard...too much food in there! ;) this scruff looks very cool and HOT!!!!

Jimbo said...

Thanks! Yeah, I plan on keeping it short, actually in the picture it's as long as it will ever get. I'll probably trim it a bit this weekend. I don't want it to become a crumb catcher. Right now it's a bit of a snot catcher since I've had a cold and have been blowing my nose a lot. LOL. Okay you didn't really need to know that. :)

Anonymous said...
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BrokenDoll said...

Looks great on you. I mean DAD did have great sideburns, so after all it is in your genes. =)