Friday, January 30, 2009

Outed, on a Conference Call

File Under: That came out wrong

I just completed a conference call with my CEO. Nothing exciting, just Affirmative Action review with a representative from our corporate office. Corporate called us, i was in my CEO's office. Corporate asked if we were both present. Diane said "I'm here, but Jim's not. I've locked him in a closet." We then all laughed and I said "no, I'm here. I escaped!" Diane, without really thinking about her words said "Oh look, Jim's out of the closet!" At that point, her eyes got really wide, she hit the mute button on her phone and said "oh my gosh, I'm sorry for the way that sounded! I didn't mean..." at which point I said "Diane, it's just fine. I'm not offended one bit, I thought it was funny." She reiterated that she was sorry and I assured her that it was okay. The people at corporate don't know me and probably didn't even get it.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

Well, at least now your job is secure! Oh, wait, it was an Affirmative Action call! That's okay, you're gay. But wait, what color is your skin? Uh, oh!

Beth said...

I love you ahve such a great attitude...and she really put her foot in her mouth...or something else in her mouth!

Jimbo said...

Had I been a bit quicker thinking, I'd have said "well good thing this is the Affirmative Action conference call." LOL

My boss is very sweet and has a good sense of humor. I'm actually very lucky to have her as a boss. Unless she's crabby and then LOOK OUT!

Berry Blog said...

Kathy Griffin apparently just did that accidentally to Clay Aiken and told the story tonight on Conan. Of course everyone's been speculating and she says he was very gracious about it and admitted it.
You handled it well.