Friday, January 16, 2009


File Under: Baby it's cold outside

Current temperature is -4. The sun is shining. Looks sometimes deceive. ;)

Apparently the boilers at work went down for a while yesterday and while the vital areas were kept warm, some parts of the building got pretty cold. Either we're still down one boiler or one has failed again because my office is bordering on cold. While I don't have a thermometer in here, I would estimate that it's about 67 degrees in my office. I'll let you know when it's so cold in here that I could cut glass with my nipples.


Bob said...

And here I was complaining that it was 17 degrees when I woke up this morning.
I imagine you'd take my 17 for your -4 any day.

Stay warm.


mistress maddie said...

It is cold here too in Philly! I haven't tried to cut glass yet with my nipples ,but I have a feeling that tommorrow I could do some engraving! This is my first time reading. I'm here from the Dust Bunny nation! Very nice blog!

Take care-
Mistress Maddie

Jimbo said...

Hello Mistress Maddie and welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll visit often.

Wow, think of the artwork we could create with our nipples. Fantastic!

Beth said...

shoot Bob, I'd take 17 anyday!!! I woke up to ZERO today.

I hate Ohio.

Joy said...

Bundle up, Jim! We need you unfrozen! Hugs!

annaraze said...
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BrokenDoll said...

Man you actually get a real winter. Though it sounds kind of painful. haha. We have been in the 80's this past week. But the one night it did sprinkle, we had a "Storm Watch" LMAO. Only in CA!

PS Sorry about the deleted comments. But my user name wasn't coming up correct.