Friday, January 2, 2009

Funny Books

File Under: Joined at the brain

Vahona gets me. From the time we first met, we have said that we are joined at the brain. We laugh at each other's jokes and finish each other's sentences.

Yesterday she joined us for dinner and we exchanged Christmas gifts. We both bought each other the same calendar: (yes, I "borrowed" the image from

Vahona and I like to look at pictures of cute animals but have our limits. I thought of her when I saw it at the store. She thought the same thing. We're going to keep them at work so when we need some "cute overload" we can share our thoughts about the pictures.

BUT...the best is the gift she got me. It's a book of postcards:

Sick...yes. But we could not stop laughing over the cover. That is until we started paging through the different cards.

My favorite:

At this point, we were laughing so hard we were crying. I revisited the book later in the evening and was back laughing as hard as I was when I first opened it. Yup, Vahona gets me.


Beth said...

oh gawdddd, I LOVE these!!! Priceless!

David Dust said...

OMG - the "You're Bad in Bed" postcard is priceless. I might just have to steal that one...


Jimbo said...

The book is just so completely wrong but too funny for words. Next time you're in a big bookstore, look for it and page thru it.

Please do, David. However, you can't have the actual card. I'm considering mailing it to someone. ;)

Joy said...

Great gifts! Love those cards!!!