Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Friend with benefits

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My official title at work is Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits Coordinator. I wear many hats. I have two offices because some time ago it was decided that I ran one office so well, two offices would be better. Somehow, I've managed.

As many of you in the working world know, there's a little thing called "open enrollment" that happens once a year and during this time, we get to do stuff with our benefits. Sometimes it's a matter of dropping one coverage, switching a benefit plan, or adding some additional life insurance. Other times, it's an active enrollment and ever employee is supposed to attend a meeting so that they can be aware of changes and make informed choices. In my case, trying to get employees to attend meetings is like trying to heard kittens. In the past couple of weeks, I worked a Saturday, a Sunday and a couple late evenings. I will hold 2 final meetings tomorrow. Those that do not attend will end up with benefits that they'll bitch and moan over in about 4 weeks. I'll just hold up all the signs that I posted, the schedules that went to their departments, and the reminders that were atttached to their pay checks.

After tomorrow, I can concentrate on more important things, like the holiday theme for my offices. I'm thinking Christmas in Vegas. Lots of shiny things, loads of glitter. :)

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