Monday, November 26, 2007

It's the Fans Against Talent

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Tonight was the final "Dancing With the Stars" show before the results are announced.

The judges were pickier than usual but with good reason. All of the performers made errors, though minor. Save for Marie but we'll get to her in just a bit.

The first round, each pair did the "Judges' Pick" and so they all did their lowest-scoring dance from the season. Mel and Maks did well, as did Helio and Julianne. Marie and Jonathan tried to distract with schtick. It didn't work, their dance was sub-par and the judges told them so. Round One ended with Mel and Maks in the lead, then Helio and Julianne, then Marie and Jonathan.

Round 2 was the free style. They could do anything they wanted. And they did. Mel and Maks did a hiphop routine that was cute and showed some talent but was a bit disjointed. Then, it was Marie and Jonathan's turn. Mind you, Marie had been reminding us all evening that she is a "very popular doll maker!" and had mentioned that her routine would would be a tribute to her dolls and her fans. In a word, it was SHITEOUS! It was a mess of cutesy antics and silly dance moves. NOT good at all!! The judges were beside themselves, they didn't know what to say. Finally Helio and Julianne came out and had good fun, lovingly mocking Helio's racecar driver background.

The final result has Mel and Maks in the lead, Helio and Julianne right behind them and in a distant third are Marie and Jonathan.

With all those damn Mormons, it's anybody's game.

The results show is tomorrow night.

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