Friday, November 30, 2007

I can't breathe

File Under: Adult whining like a small child

I have a cold! It has been a nuisance all week. I was calling it a "Category 1" cold because most of the week it just kind of lingered in the background. My throat was a little sore and my sinuses were active. As of today it has become a Category 3. I can't breathe through my nose yet it runs like a leaky faucet. However, I don't feel very bad. It didn't stop me from walking around Andersonville this evening and enjoying "Late Night," an evening when the merchants stay open later and have specials and sales in their shops. It was cold but not dreadfully cold. It was actually nice to walk around a while. My friend Cyd joined me. We love to look at odd things and odd people.

Afterwards I stopped at Osco (drug store) and got some sinus pills recommended by the pharmacist. He said they might make me drowsy. YAY!

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