Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One More Dance

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I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but there are a few shows I watch religiously. One of those shows is Dancing With The Stars. This season has proven to be the most exciting season we've seen so far.

I picked my favorites early. Albert Reed, a male model is a total ham but also a talented dancer. He has good energy. But he got eliminated during week 2. Sabrina Bryan, a Cheetah Girl who I'd never heard of but after a couple weeks of watching her dance, I thought she would go a long way. She didn't. She got eliminated in week 6. Jenny Garth, from BH 90210 brought a wholesome quality to the show. Blond, big smile, sweet and nice. She lacked confidence in the beginning but really improved.

Then there's Marie Osmond. How could one not like her? She comes out, this big girl, wide-eyed, totally hopped up on Prozac, with this sisterly good cheer. She's an adequate dancer but not the best. In week 3 she fainted. BOOM, girl went down. She was fine. More important, she's safe to dance the following week. Then she dances quickstep in tribute to her parents. Next day her dad dies. Safe again. Then, news breaks that her kid's in rehab. Yup, safe again.

This week was the semi-finals. Helio Castroneves, a race car driver is in it, along with his partner Julianne Hough, who won last season. Also, Mel B (Scary Spice) and her partner Maksim Chmerikovsky (sp?) who danced with Laila Ali last season. Definitely this season's HOTTEST couple. Both have been scoring consistently well all season. Then there's Jenny who has consistently improved all season and her partner Derek Hough. Really cute, good chemistry together. Last, Marie and her partner Jonathan Roberts who is quite yummy but talks like he needs his adnoids removed.

So, the first couple announced as safe was Marie and Jonathan. Shocking, but not so, really. All those damn Osmonds and their fans. Mel and Maks were then announced as safe. Down to Helio and Julianne and Jennie and Derek. Well, it was a no-brainer, Jenny and Derek ended their run tonight.

I'm not thrilled that they made it so far, I was more irked that Marie got so far on sympathy and uppers. Next week's show will be fun to watch. Marie and Jonathan will be eliminated and then the battle will be on.

Game on!

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