Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some Go-Go's videos

File Under: Music Obsession

These are a couple videos I filmed when I saw The Go-Go's in Las Vegas last January. They did two shows at The Luxor and they looked and sounded great!

First up, "Mad About You," the song that started Belinda's solo career back in 1986. This song was written by Paula Jean Brown, Jane Wiedlin's replacement when she left the Go-Go's. Paula joined the band and they were writing songs for a fourth album. Before they could record the album, they broke up. Belinda recorded the song and the rest is history. The band began playing it on tour back in 2006. This is probably similar to how the song would have sounded had the band stayed together.

Next up is "Unforgiven," the single that was released from their 2001 CD "God Bless The Go-Go's."

Lastly, here's their cover of Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself."


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