Friday, December 19, 2008

At Work - Part 1

File Under - "Central"

I believe I've mentioned here before that I work out of two offices. I'm a Human Resources/Payroll and Benefits Coordinator for a national hospital chain with four facilities in Chicago. We're one of a few "cluster markets." Because of our size, they've consolidated some positions, mine being one of them. Instead of just doing Payroll and Benefits for one facility as occurs in some markets, I was first given the additional responsibility of HR for one building, and then a termination caused them to rethink the structure and decided to let me be the guinea pig and try out doing what I do for two buildings. Three years later, I guess it worked.

With that said, I thought I would share with you my offices. This would be my office at "Central."

My little tree. Lots of balls on it. No real theme this year, just very colorful.

The view from across my desk. My bulletin board is 80 percent pictures of friends and 20 percent work. Every year I put a garland around it for Christmas. My desk is a mess.

Close-up of the bulletin board. So many friends on there, along with places I've traveled. Oh, and a payroll calendar.

The view from one of my doors. My office has two doors. The one that you see closed opens out into the lobby. I keep that door closed at all times. The door way that I'm standing is in the corridor that is the Adminstrative suite.

The view at my desk, the direction I'm usually facing since I'm at my computer 95 percent of the time.

Next up, my office at "Lakeshore"

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frogponder said...

I think I am envious.
The conference table I worked at with my student just got changed to a narrow credenza table so the tutor (me and another) would not get trapped in the room between the student and the door.
I'm waiting for a tv tray next.