Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jane Wiedlin Has Spoken

File Under: Friends who ROCK!

(Jane Wiedlin, me, Charlotte Caffey - March 2001)

I'll spare the fine details, I've been a Go-Go's fan for well over 25 years, yada-yada and I'm at the point where they know me by name, and not because it's on a restraining order. I still become a little tongue-tied around them, however Jane is the one with whom I feel a connection and am totally at ease when we talk.

I've been processing a lot of stuff lately and music has helped me through some of the tough moments. When I consider those songs that I listened to, they are mostly songs authored by Jane.

Yesterday I emailed her to wish her a Merry Christmas and to let her know that her music has been an inspiration to me during a breakup. I tried not to gush and blab on about stuff, I kept it short and sweet. This morning, I got such a sweet reply from her.

Dear Jim,

It was great to hear from you, and I really enjoyed your letter. I'm sorry that douchebag dumped you, but he is obviously a douchebag, since he dumped you!! haha

Stay wonderful, stay warm, happy ho ho ho lidays!

So Jane has spoken, M is a "douchebag."


Beth said...

How cool is SHE????

Merry Christmas Jim!!! Love you!

David Dust said...

Well, since Jane said it first - I'll just have to agree. After all, she IS a multi-platinum selling Rock Star!

Marker said...

Uh-muh-gad. What a great pic!