Thursday, December 18, 2008


File Under: My glass is half-full

Yeah, I had a shitty week. I got dumped, thew myself a grand pity party, I was miserable to be around at work and did my best to be lively and fun at two parties I attended over the weekend. I made it through the weekend and the week has been busy so that's been good.

I'm not going to feel any guilt over my sadness. Yes, the relationship was short, 3 months to be exact, but the experience was woe-worthy in my book. I don't think I'm fully over it, I don't know if you ever fully get overthe feelings when you get the sense that you've connected with someone. But I digress. Here's where I put it all into perspective.

On Tuesday, I got a call at work from one of my favorite employees. A nurse who has been with the company for years and when I took the job as Payroll Coordinator, I helped her with some issues that had until then remained unresolved. She was surprised that I not only took the time to talk with her, I actually fixed the problem. Now when she comes to my office, or sees me in the hall, she always has a hug and a kiss for me. She remembers me at Christmas, too. She called to ask about Leave of Absence paperwork, and I instructed her that she had 8 weeks remaining (she broke her in September and was on leave, but I only put in 4 weeks for her). She explained that her husband was seriously ill now and she didn't know if he was going to make it and she was concerned about her insurance. I told her that I would not let ANYTHING happen to her insurance coverage while she was gone she was absolutely not allowed to worry about it, I would not allow it. She was only allowed to worry about her husband and making sure he got better. At that point she broke down crying and all she could say was "Jim, I'm so scared!" At that point I was starting to cry and I told her to just be strong for him and again not to worry about anything at work. She thanked me, we said that we would talk next week about LOA paperwork.

Last night, her husband died.

I feel horrible for her. I don't know for sure but I believe they were together a very long time.

It's events like that which put things into perspective. I met a guy who, for whatever reason, had a lapse of judgement and decided he didn't want to be with me. Boo hoo. I'm better off, really. I don't think I lost the love of my life. I've got a cool family, some of the most amazing friends a guy could wish for, a job that I like (that's two positives!), and some really fun coworkers. I'm so extremely lucky.


David Dust said...

You are really giving us these "shocker" blog posts lately. OMG - that is so sad about your coworker/friend.

On a positive note, you sound better and better each day.


Berry Blog said...

What a dynamite guy you are.I'm going to go out and get a body/age transplant and come stalking you.
Merry Christmas..I know your friends will make up for your "temporary".It was good to have what you did, when you did. Bless your heart for all you do for others.
xoxo Charlie

Jimbo said...

I've been blogging a lot these days, I guess I've got a lot flying thru my mind.

I feel better. I still have little moments where I'm kind of bleh, but whatever. Those will pass.

By "shocker," you meant the Twinkie-misu, right? LOL

Jimbo said...

Thanks, Charlie! That's so sweet of you to say. I appreciate your kind words and for reading my blog. :)

Joy said...

News like that really puts things in perspective, doesn't it? You do sound better each day and really are so kind.

Beth said...

I agree with everyone ARE sounding better each day. And you are such a wonderful, caring man. This doesn't surprise me in the least that you helped that woman out so much. And it is so sad to lose her husband like that, so close to Christmas too. Please send along my thoughts and prayers to her and her family.